Review: Veggie Breakfasts at Glastonbury Festival

Guten abend meine freunde! Last week I partied hearty at Glastonbury festival, so I thought I’d do a little review blog about some of the lovely veggie food I had there, namely at breakfast time!

There’s no shortage of vegetarian and vegan food at Glastonbury, and there’s so many different stalls and cafes to choose from, you’ll end up sampling food from half a dozen cuisines by the end. But breakfast is probably the most important one, for me, because after a heavy night’s drinking and boogieing and getting eyed up by Bez off of the Happy Mondays (it happened, true story) you want a really good brekky!

The first one I tried was from a van (I’m terrible, I cannot remember the name and Google is not helping me…to my credit it was over a week ago and there wasn’t room in my rucksack for a dictaphone…). It consisted of two sausages, scrambled eggs,  beans….and a dry bread roll. Bread with breakfast, yes. Preferably fried, toasted is good, I’ll take it straight from the bag if there’s butter to go with it, but a dry bread roll is a big no-no. Don’t ask me why there wasn’t any butter. Poor show. The sausages were Glamorgan types, which I do like, but for breakfast I definitely prefer a fake meat type. The beans and mushrooms were so-so, the only real stand out was the scrambled eggs, which were absolutely delicious. Shame about the rest of it really. The meal came with tea, coffee or juice, I went for juice and off-setted the meal with a lovely cup of tea from the Rare Tea Company instead.  Silver Tip tea with Jasmine (naturally :p) and I even had a quick chat with the company’s founder, Henrietta Lovell, who told me all about the collection process. I got a free refill as well! Reasonably priced, beautiful tea, highly recommended!

Our second breakfast came courtesy of Goodness Gracious Healthy Foods. I was pretty excited about these guys because they were Vegetarian Society approved and according to their sign they used Fry’s Family Foods products! Well…the veggie breakfast I got certainly didn’t. It consisted of a roll (with butter this time at least) with a fried egg, cheese and two Glamorgan sausages. Again. And a hash brown, which I had to pay extra for. It was pretty expensive, although given this was Glastonbury where everything is pretty expensive, I can’t really quibble. It was tasty, but not really very breakfasty. And there were no delicious Fry’s sausages. Plus, according to their website, their veggie breakfast consists of “2 veggie sausages, scrambled eggs, baked beans, wholemeal roll and tea or coffee – mushrooms optional.” Now admittedly it was very busy there that morning so….maybe they’d run out of baked beans and mushrooms? And tea. And coffee. Who knows…

The best breakfast of festival came courtesy of the amazing Wide Awake Cafe. How we didn’t stumble on these guys until Sunday morning, considering we were camped in the same field, I have no idea, but they were great 🙂 My veggie breakfast included two fake meat sausage, spinach, mushrooms, hash browns, beans, tinned tomatoes and bread and butter. It was delicious. The beans were gently spicy, the sausages were really well cooked and seeing spinach in a breakfast always makes me happy! I also ordered a hot almond milk drink with cinnamon, perfect for a groggy festival morning, but may be too sweet for some people. Tasted a lot like white hot chocolate, if that gives you any idea. But these guys get ten out of ten from me.

I’m also going to give a shout out to the Glastonbury Badger Action Cafe, run by Veggies Catering. I had my first ever BLT from these guys (I know, with facon! I was in hypothetical heaven!) which used Cheatin’ products. They also did a fantastic sosmix sausage roll, which brought myself and the manchap trailing past the Green Fields on more than one occasion :p Oh, and I don’t care what Michael Eavis says, the badger cull is disgusting and pointless. So nyah. Nyah to you Eavis! Thanks for the festival though….

Another of my festival favourites were the lovely ladies of Truly Crumptious! Home-made crumpets made while you wait? Yes please! Brie and sweet chili sauce went down well, but their veggie pizza crumpet with cheese, tomato and spicy veggie sausage was even better! They had vegan cheese on hand as well 🙂 Couldn’t be faulted.

So there we go, that was my veggie breakfast review of Glastonbury festival! And now I have a wee question for ye! (Don’t panic, it’s not hard.  Well, not that hard). I’m going to put together what I think is the perfect veggie breakfast recipe for this website, and I want to know what you think makes the ultimate wake-up meal. Is it nothing without hash-browns and fried bread? Or are you all about the mushrooms and tomatoes? Let me know via Facebook, Twitter or semaphore, and I’ll see what I can do with the results next week! Sayonara!

The Rare Tea Company:

Goodness Gracious Healthy Foods:

Wide Awake Cafe:

Veggies Catering:

Truly Crumptious:

If you want any advice on where to buy the best veggie products, cooking tips or just to rant at me that you burnt your facon, feel free to drop me a line at or via and @500faconthings on Twitter. 


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